Ancient Romans Greeks and Egyptians in Hyde Park

The Coach and Horses` "Best in Roman /Greek /Egyptian" theme seemed to confuse some people but clearly it had meant ANCIENT nations - not modern day ones! Anyway, I looked up some facts about  these societies to interest and amuse you.

      The Romans established "Londinium" (London) as a town in 43AD, and Wikipedia describes the size of it as being "roughly the size of Hyde Park"  nowadays (350 acres). Well even our Second Life London sims beat that these days and I think some of the practises from that time may be a little outdated. For instance Roman "Cato the Elder" advised bathing babies in the urine of an adult who had been eating cabbage! And as for contraception- one doctor suggested wearing "the liver of a cat in a tube on the left foot". This may explain London`s rapid increase in population!  
Roman Xmas??

The Ancient Greeks considered their children to be "youths" until the age of thirty, yet in Ancient Egypt people were lucky to reach that age at all. Most women didn`t make it to their thirties, but some lucky men made it to the ripe old age of thirty-five. Maybe a four thousand year old  Egyptian inscription sheds some light on the lives of an average guy,though - "The mouth of a perfectly contented man is full of beer". Hmm - not so different to these days then !

 DJ Pyp(above) provided appropriate tunes like "Walk like an Egyptian", and Manager Jas (above) hosted.

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