What`s new in the London Sims?

 I thought I`d give you lucky people an update on what`s happening and new in the London Sims. Firstly, Knightsbridge seems to be the place for new projects at the moment. There is  a brand spanking new Bowling Alley there, which I went to check out.

Then, there`s the new Trance and House club, OR 2. If you need any details of their opening times or events   you can IM the Owner Pippa Rexen and she`ll be sure to give you all the info you need to go partying!

Finally, although the houses aren`t new I wanted to give you some ideas about how beautifully you could do up your London Home if you rented in our sims. I went to see resident Antoinette Islay who is in the middle of decorating her Mayfair home, which borders on the stunning Hyde Park. Her style suited the building perfectly, and she spoke about the "mix of modern and antiques". "That  painting in the back", she explained, "is the opera in Frankfurt where I am living right now in real life". And the painting in the half finished dining room (below) is apparently by a contemporary German, Jewish painter called Ameln Kiefer. I will definitely be back to do a feature on Antoinette`s house when it is finished. Meanwhile, think of how you, too, could decorate a gorgeous London house to be just the home you`ve always dreamt of.

Mayfair Houses on the edge of Hyde Park

So, whether you are a "Lady who Lunches" or a Trance party animal the London Sims has something for you. Even if you just want to just chill out with friends in a bowling alley on a lazy Saturday afternoon we have the perfect place. Tell everyone you know about the London Sims and all our positive additions. Don`t be worrying that we don`t have Christmas totally planned either -our WinterZone opens any day now!

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