Tuesday Partying in the London Sims

DJ Rave
 Tuesday`s events in Hyde Park on the London Sims were as much fun as they always are. We started with Best in Black and Purple from the Coach and Horses, during which I must have been so busy hosting that I only managed to get two pics -and only one of them was wearing the right colours! But we will let DJ Rave off as he leapt into to save the day when a DJ from the US forgot the time changes.

After that event a lot of people were having so much fun they decided to stay on for the next "Come as you are" Club 2012 set.Well,all I can say is the avatar above on the right was obviously on his way to a Scottish party when he got notice of our event, and the one below- well, what can I say?- was obviously having a very surreal night at home. She promised to keep an EYE  on us (do you see what I did there?) and check that nothing went wrong.

 As always we had a stunning quota of female avatars - and some of the men weren`t so bad either!

After all that it was Valentine`s set time. They are the newest club to be show-cased at Club 2012. Their competition was Best in Red and DJ Elle kept the tunes coming in her own inimitable fashion. Club 2012 now has eight hour sets daily and lots to do in between. You know you want to come and check us out - give in to your desires!
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