Sisters are doing it for them Elves?- Events from the past few days in the London sims

Thursday`s events at Club 2012 in Hyde Park started with a "Best in Leather" event. You all turned out in your sexy leathers to party with us all. London Sims Owner and Manager Debs Regent (above) seemed a little confused to find a small child with a monkey on her shoulder at our gathering. Child avatars are now welcome in our sims, though, so maybe it was the monkey that had her looking so bemused!

However, some spooky things are still lurking in the park (above right)... we decided we needed a little bit of fairy and elf magic!

And Pyp (above, right) was the perfect choice to DJ for the next event, due to her usual elfiness. Mind you her choices of songs took a bit of imagination- including "dancing with mice elf " by Billy Idol! (??)

Then,on Friday we started proceedings with a "Best in Purple or Pink" event from the Coach and Horses, which had DJ Essex on top form and keeping the crowd happy. That was followed by Club 2012`s Set from DJ Arc and host Debi which pulled all the punters in too. And, then, it was back to  DJ Essex again for a couples night set with some smoochy music from Valentine`s.
 There were at least 75 of you lovely avatars there and the mood was cheerful and fun.

Tonight`s events kick off at 11am (Second Life Time) with "Best in Children`s Stories -Film or Book", so get out your Peter Pan outfit or dress up as the Big Bad Wolf and come and liven up your Saturday in London!

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