Remembrance Day In Second Life London

In remembrance of all those who have died in the Military the London Sims held a service at the memorial in Hyde Park. Even though many of their peers are no longer with us it`s worth remembering that 50-75 million soldiers died in the First World War. Although it was approximately half that number of soldiers that died in World War Two many civilians were, of course, killed in that conflict.. And many many soldiers  have been killed since the end of the Second World War and continue to be every day.
It can be fun to dress as a soldier in Second Life (right), but it is also important that we remember the real cost of war, and  the fact that each and everyone of these deaths were not just statistics but real people with families and friends who still mourn them.


People leave symbols of the families and friends they have lost in real life conflicts.

The Hyde Park memorial -  a peaceful place to remember the dead.

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