All change @ Coach and Horses

Ok now, this should be interesting. Normally if there was a new manager in the London Team I would interview them and ask them about their Second Life experiences. We do have a new manager at the Coach and Horses, but it might be a bit difficult  for me to conduct the interview as I`ll have to interview myself!

Jas-  aka just Jas- aka Jasminerach resident- aka meeee!

But lets have a go - I`ll run some of the questions by myself for a minute and then try to give you a rounded view of  me and my hopes and plans for the Coach.

Well, firstly can I just say that Wiccy Shackleton has been a great manager to work for and he will be a hard act to follow. All Wiccy fans don`t need to worry though he will still be working for the London Team. He wants to concentrate on more of the special effects events that he and his partner Rave have been doing.

I, myself, have a special connection to the Coach and Horses as not only was it the first place that I hosted at, but the first pub I visited in Second Life. Also Hyde Park was my daily haunt for at least the first six months.
I have found that the people I have met in London, as a rule, have been some of the nicest and most genuine people I have met in Second Life. I think Britain has a very specific sense of humour and it is captured perfectly in our sims. That`s not to say that it`s only the British who understand it. I have met people from all continents of the world who not only appreciate and enjoy our humour but contribute many priceless gems of their own.

My plans for the Coach are to continue the fun atmosphere that, I think, Wiccy has brought to the pub. Initially, we will be doing sets in Hyde Park at Club 2012, but I am hopeful that,in time, our doors will be back open so you can all enjoy the cosy pub atmosphere that the Coach provides. For me, it is not about packing people in, but rather, creating a friendly family- like environment where people can relax and be themselves. I`m confident that some of the new staff joining, along with the old favourites, can help to create that warm welcoming atmosphere and ,of course, great tunes for you to come and let your hair down to.

I first heard about Second Life many years ago when it was just starting out. I saw a documentary about the setting up of it and thought it sounded like a fascinating idea. Unfortunately I was not very technically minded and I didn`t have my own PC. For my 40th birthday last year, though, I was given a laptop. After the first couple of weeks of checking out every song I had ever heard and organising the set up, I suddenly remembered that programme I had seen years before and decided to google the words "Second Life".
The rest, as they say, is history, and the old adage "life begins at 40 " was certainly true for my Second Life!

I have hosted for both the Coach and Horses and Club 2012 and am the official blogger for the London Sims. I`m hoping that taking over as manager for the Coach will continue the fun and rewarding experience that I have enjoyed in my time in Second Life.

The Coach sets at 2012, by the way, are changing as from the 5th November. We will now be the set before the Club 2012 set. That means we will be starting at 11am (SLT) from Mondays to Saturdays,
 and running for our usual two hours. That`s 7pm -9pm for all you Brits- and you Americans are gonna drag yourselves up after partying at 2012 all night to be with us bright eyed and bushy- tailed for our 11am start! 

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