What is Club 2012, in the London Sims, going to be called after this year?

     Well, it has been brought to my attention - although I expect I knew subconsciously - that the Second Life Club 2012`s name will be redundant soon. It is only 12 weeks until New Year`s Eve and then we are going to need a renaming ceremony!

All of this will be of  no consequence,however, if the Mayan and  Hopi  Indians  predictions of the end of the world come true and we are all zapped  into oblivion before then! Other internet theories include strange Reptilian alien folk arriving on the 21st of December. Now that sounds more familiar- I`m sure I have spotted some of them at Club 2012. Possibly staking things out before the big day?

 Anyway, I digress, assuming that the world is still in existence by 2013, (I`ll give them a ten day margin of error up until the New Year) we still need a new name for our club.
      Other people who don`t believe that the world will end then still talk about planetary alignments and huge changes on the way - Club Apocalypse or Club Revolution?

But, realistically, some suggestions have included Club 20/20 (this blogger`s favourite) or, unsurprisingly, Club 2013. If you have any original suggestions (keep them clean please!) come along to Club 2012 at Hyde Park in the London Sims and type  some ideas in local chat. We may even set up a suggestions box.

PS: After writing this blog I checked over my photos from last night and spotted this little fellow lurking in the corner. Maybe we ought to have an End of the World party on December the 21st after all- just in case!

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