Monday and Tuesday`s events- with Nick Skitz Special Gig

Host Jas dances her socks off!
 Monday`s events at Club 2012 were hot and happening, as usual! DJ Essex (above,right) was in charge of the tunes for the Come as you Are 2012 set, which led to London Sims Owner and Manager Debs Regent  (above)  being  driven to dancing on the decks by the hypnotic music!

  Then on Tuesday there was a real treat for us all!
We were all so excited when Real Life DJ and Music Producer Nick Skitz came to the London Sims to do the Mayhem set for us.The place was buzzing as Nick`s music started and everyone was on the dance floor.  Nick has built his reputation up in Australia since the early nineties and is now one of the most recognised DJ names there.
     Nick`s audio mastering has  been what has given him most  international success though including his work on the famous " Ministry of Sound" compilations. His "SkitzMix" compilations have also become renowned in the dance music scene and his track "The Ultimate" went to number two in the Uk dance charts. Lets hope more Real Life Celebs come to London and we can bring our Second Life music scene bang up to date!

Events at Club 2012 tonight (Wednesday 17th October) are Best in Firefighters (11 am Second Life Time),
Best Hair ( 1pm SLT), Best in Fairytale (3pm SLT) and Best in Gangsters (5pm SLT). See you all there!

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