Merchant Spotlight - Kyrayne Blaylock and her Chop Zuey franchise in Kensington

London`s Kensington is a place every shopkeeper dreams of owning a store and here in Second Life we can make all kinds of dreams a reality! I went to meet a fairly new business woman in the area, Kyrayne Blaylock, (above, in entrance to her store) and talked to her about her franchise in the London Sims.

I look around the beautiful jewellery in Kyrayne`s store.
 When asked what inspired her to start her business Kyrayne smiles that she`s a jewellery fanatic who`s always loved the Chop Zuey company (owned by Bella Roussel), and says that when she saw they had an affiliate programme she "jumped on it". She describes their products as "some of  the most fabulous creative, affordable jewellery I've seen in SL", and wants to help the "brand flourish".

As for the "why London?" question Kyrayne admits, as a lot of people have, that she initially came to the London Sims because she has " always been fascinated with London in real life", but says she quickly
 realised there was more to our sims than that. She talks about the community spirit we have, and says that it all seems so "normal " here compared to other areas on Second Life.
(Note: - This blogger wonders if Kyrayne`s been to some of the weird and wonderful events at Club 2012!)

About Kyrayne:-

Kyrayne has been in Second Life for about three and a half years and says she became intrigued after seeing articles about it on the internet. She laughs that the strangest thing she has ever seen here has been "a giant gorilla in a strip club, anatomically correct...ahem." She has recently bought her own island and says she is currently working on setting up a mall and housing rentals there.When asked who she would most like to bring into Second Life she smiles  "Oh, tough question, so many interesting people, but I'd have to say Russell Brand. That man cracks me up, and he seems so intelligent." Besides her Chop Zuey franchise, which has been in Kensington for the past 3 months, she also has franchises for other brands including Immerschoen Leather, Dagger Designs and Dafnis and admits that she is considering moving more shops to the London Sims. 
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