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About BlueFunk

     BlueFunk is one of the newest shops to the London Sims, and is in a prime location in the Mayfair sim- just opposite Hyde Park. Owner and clothes designer Pyp Mifflin says that she opened the shop as she realised it was time for her to start selling her clothes again. She is one of the "oldies" of Second Life.who had a shop for many years, but had decided  two years ago to have a break and do other things.

  However,Pyp hasn`t been able to stop herself designing things.She smiles that she started creating items when after  shopping she still "sometimes want(ed) to alter things" and admits to liking "tinkering". And when asked what her aims are for her business she says that there are too many shops in Second Life to really make money and besides which its more important to her to see people wearing my creations.

The BlueFunk group has monthly free gifts and at the moment has a Halloween themed section with freebies.
There is also a great mesh section and Pyp says her plans for the future involve more grunge and gothic clothing as "that`s what (she`s) into at the moment". Her co- creator Ronni Furman also models their designs and shares a lot of Pyp`s beliefs. They are very clear that they wanted to make affordable clothing , which they think is reflected in the prices. This blogger agrees - nothing in the shop is over a hundred lindens!

About Pyp Mifllin

    Its is just coming up to the 9th aniversary of Pyp`s arrival in Second Life - albeit under a different name at first. She says she was already in another virtual world before that and had wanted to see "what else was out there".I asked her about all the changes she must have seen in- world since those early days. She laughs that you used to have to fly everywhere  as "teleporting was lethal" and you`d "get all attachments stuck to your bottom!" Also, she smiles, there were only about two thousand members back then, as compared to the 50 -70 thousand on line at any given time today.
       Although it isn`t apparent from this picture- anyone who knows Pyp knows that she is an Elf. I myself was a little unsure if she was a Neko or just a normal Elf (is there such a thing?) She says that she originally was a Neko but "kept losing (her) tail, so eventually became just an Elf!" She sighs that another thing she has noticed in the last few years is how few Nekos or Elves  there are anymore.

  I asked Pyp what  some of the strangest things she has seen in Second Life are and she admits that she hasn`t explored for a while, but talks about a place where you drove a capsule around the human body and had to shoot at blood clots(!?!), and says she also enjoys Steampunk places.

 Pyp also DJ`s for lots of Clubs , including our very own Coach and Horses and Club 2012, which is situated a stones throw away from her shop. She says that she would love to be able to bring her five beloved dogs from Real Life in- world, so they could "run around" with her. I`m thinking that they would love Hyde Park just as much as the rest of us in the London Sims do - and I`m wondering whether  they`d like to join us in a boogie at Club 2012 sometime!

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