Marilyn Manson @ the Catacombs in London inSL (tm)

A grotesque mix of bizarre and spooky took place in London inSL this weekend.

Marilyn Manson tribute band held it's concert in the Spooky Catacombs of Halloween London Community. Bad Ampitude provided the entertainment, while London inSL provided the sinister environment.

The region was full of people, appearing in their avatar form, who came to be part of this epic event. Spooks are contraversial, but not as much as Brian Hugh Warner, who performs under the stage name Marilyn Manson. He also appeared in several movies, including David Lynch's film The Lost Highway.

As an American rock musician and former music journalist, Warner is  best known under his controversial stage persona and image as the lead singer of the band Marilyn Manson, a weird and outrageous stage show that can shock even the most open minded.

The band's lyrics and music are shock rock, and has been called Industrial Metal, Heavy Metal, and Alternative Metal. Warner's interest in censorship laws led to him forming a band that would push boundaries, shock people, and most of all, get people thinking.

He said  "A lot of people don't want to make their own decisions. They're too scared. It's much easier to be told what to do." so he challenges people on this in his music.

Marilyn Manson might rave at this challenging venue and the weird assortment of avatars who attended. From a 10 ft Minotaur to a 4ft child avatar, all types of unreality that took part.

The event is a take on reality that is so surreal that only Marilyn Manson could frame it properly, in these words...

"But whats real? You cant find the truth. You just pick the lie you like best. As long as you know everythings a lie, you cant hurt yourself" --Marilyn Manson
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