Highlights of the last few days in the London Sims

    Well-everyone, have you missed me? Unfortunately, I have come down with the dreaded lurgy - otherwise known as flu - and have been completely unable to think straight for days. "What`s new?" I hear you ask.

 I was just about conscious enough on Thursday to  host and take some pictures of Club 2012`s Biker night which had a great atmosphere and many rocking tunes from DJ Pyp (above)  that really took us all back to our rebellious  youths!

London Sims` Spooky Hunt Location
However, I`m afraid the flu got the better of me and I missed the Coach and Horses` Best in Horror event. But by all accounts it was a massive set with loads of you turning out in force in your best Halloween costumes. Make sure you keep hold of them and wear them to another event over this season so that I can get a good snap of you for  our blog!  We have many other strange events planned in the build up to Halloween, including our GhostHunt game in both Hyde Park and the Community Horror Sim. There are lots of great prizes donated by London Merchants to be won.

And, the other BIG thing I missed yesterday ( Sad face) was

                                                                              .. the wedding of two of the London Team`s staff. Luckily enough they sent me some pictures (happy face). So I`m sure you`ll join us all in wishing Mr and Mrs Stephen and Misha Knight all the best in their Second Life married life. Stephen is Manager of the newly re-opened Club Mayhem.

Don`t you just love the Bride`s and the Bridsemaid`s dress? And the Groom looked pretty dapper too in his long jacket. The wedding took place in the London Sims too - in the Valentine`s Ballroom in Kensington.
     It seems you can do whatever you want to in our sims. This blogger is particularly looking forward to Sunday`s Mystical Creature event. How much more esoteric can Second Life be? Yay people- stick with us -The London Sims have a long way to go yet!
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