London Ghost Hunt is Featured Everywhere

halloween sim_021 by Londonopolis
All Londoners know that London is the best place to be in Second Life, with events always ongoing and so much more to do, but so do others too. We are just so thrilled to know that others love London as much as we do. Enough to explore the crypts and climb the House of Horror. brrrrr...  

Daniel Voyager's Blog
The famous blogger, Daniel Voyager included London Hyde Park Ghost Hunt in his 'Upcoming October 2012 SL events' favourite picks! Thank you Daniel!

Linden Lab Destination Guide
We found out that we are also featured in Second Life's own 'Featured Events' for the month too. What a thrill it is for the London Team and for London to be so popular at present in Second Life!

London Community Captured in Ghoulish Mood 

London Community is full of eerie crypts, scary catacombs, creepy castles, haunted houses and gruesome graveyards. Specters to see and ghoulish experiences await you to join them. Explore recesses of horror where you never know what you might find!
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