It was the Owner and Manager of the London Sims Rezday party last night at Club 2012. Debs Regent (below, left) has been in Second Life for 6 years and was delighted with what she referred to as "The best party ever". It was certainly one of the biggest we`ve had at 2012 so far!

The theme was Best in Fantasy and the guest`s costumes reflected that!

We started with the Alice Cooper Tribute band Bad Amp which had all the rock fans out and head-banging!

Then it was onto DJ Madhatter with a 3 hour set..

...involving quite a lot of cake bouncing!

 And then. it was Fireworks time, which, as always, was breath-taking. We are planning for a full Fireworks Week next week too, so you`ll need to put those events in your diary, as the Special Effects created by the  team in the London Sims are spectacular!

Mermaid dancing at 2012

All this and Halloween too. We are spoiling you avatars - but you soooo  deserve it!
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