What`s new in Mayfair?- Allure and Mayhem

Mayfair is one of the London Sim`.s fastest growing areas and we are really excited to have so many new things happening over the next few weeks!

Firstly, we have had the opening of the new Allure store, which has a selection of excellent men`s and women`s fashion and mesh items which have everyone buzzing. The style of the clothing is best described in  the words of Allure owner Athayus Quan :-

"Just like the Lotus flower which symbolizes purity, beauty, majesty, grace, fertility, wealth, richness, knowledge and serenity.
At allure I strive to build clothing that women feel sexy in with fashion that is elegant, sensual, seductive, urban, sporty and classy. All designs created at allure are made with hand painted textures and fully rigged mesh. Every attention to detail is given to provide the best fit for our clothing."

       Then, there`s the re- opening of one of Mayfair`s trendiest haunts -Mayhem Club. Initially , over the next few weeks, they will be doing the 5pm to 7pm  (Second Life Time) set at Club 2012, which will make the events there a massive eight hours a day , seven days a week!

  But new Manager Steph Chant (pictured right, alongside staff member Mischa)  has major remodelling plans for the club itself and plans to open its doors within the next month. As for the music, he talks about "a return to mayhems roots" and says the plan is to play a lot of rock music.

   So, next time you are in Hyde Park partying take some time to check out what the surrounding sims have to offer.The shopping and night life in the London Sims have never been so good, and don`t forget you can also rent a beautiful home here too!

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