The Beginnings of Autumn in Hyde

“It came to me that Hyde Park has never belonged to London - that it has always been , in spirit, a stretch of countryside; and that it links the Londons of all periods together most magically - by remaining forever unchanged at the heart of a ever-changing town.” Dodie Smith 1948

     Just quick selection of quotes about Hyde Park to whet your appetite for Autumn. We think you`ll agree that the park in the London Sims in Second Life can help create the same atmosphere as the real one whether its for love,contemplation or general reflections on life.

"Just a perfect day
Drink Sangria in the park
And then later when it gets dark,
we go home
....Just a perfect day
You made me forget myself
I thought I was someone else,
someone good"
Lou Reed 1972

  "Hyde Park engendered shadows.The dying greenery of hurtbushes and larches,under the grey shells of clouds, that now begin to snap with rain, caught that feeble light in London, At neither night nor day but rather that feeble compromise which, more than the presage of autumn, filled one with a sense of long-forgotten things and showed itself to be that time when vague yearnings and regrets began to cumber the soul."                          Louis Theroux 1972

And don`t forget our Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations this year are going to be the most spectacular ever - lots of fun and freaky events, at Club 2012 and around the rest of the park, planned for the season ahead!

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