Merchant Spotlight - Cyberstar Starship and store

Cyber`s YDEA franchise store in Mayfair

Cyber honestly admits that the thing that made him first consider a London store was the fact his ex had a few, but says he quickly realised that this was where the customers he needed were. Having had stores in other places he was amazed to see how much more profit he made in his first month in the Mayfair sim.

Cyber outside his Mayfair store

His YDEA franchise store is doing great business and he has a theory about this. He says that where as other sims may cater for "newbie" tastes, he feels that the more established avatar who appreciates "quality" is more likely to shop in the London sims. He also says,though, that he feels the YDEA brand are well -made clothes that  are at affordable prices.

Me - checking out the YDEA products in Cyber`s store!
When asked what his plans for  future business` in London he talks about his new Freebie mall ,which he says he`s very passionate about as he is trying to concentrate on helping others in Second Life at the moment, and also talks about a new menswear store which will be opening soon. He is a very happy London Sims tenant and plans to continue expanding his business` here!  

Cyber shows me one of his spaceships
About Cyberstar Starship

Cyber started Second Life in November 2006, after a friend told him about the amazing technology that our virtual world has to offer. Originally he designed and built spacecrafts (which is still his great passion). Now he has expanded into franchises too and has been recently taken on as a member of the London Team . He thinks some of the strangest things he has seen in Second Life are space related and says he would advise  "all housewives and people with time to spare" to come and check out what is on offer here. He says he genuinely believes that Second Life is better than Facebook and Twitter combined!

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