Merchant Spotlight - MEB, Mayfair and MariaElena Barbosa


      MEB have 35 stores around Second Life sims at the moment ,so we are very proud that MariaElena Barbosa chose the London Sims and Mayfair for her newest shop. She speaks about London being one of her most "beloved cities" in real life and says she is "proud and happy" to be in the Second Life one ,and hopes that Italian style  fashions will be popular with visitors here too.(This blogger thinks there`ll be no problems there.)

She says she was first inspired to create her business over 4 years ago, "when SL fashion was at its start",and says she wanted to create clothes for people who share her taste which she describes as "a simple,clean but classy one". She remembers her first store and says it "seems so long ago" that she started it in a small bar-shop and talks about building the business to the point where she now owns the Klio sim in which her main store is based. She says her business is her Second Life and that she shares her time between creating things in her lab and meeting customers in her stores.

When asked what her plans are for the future in her business she talks about the Fall collection,saying that part of the new designs are a surprise and that she wants to "try offering a different style to customers-something special, but with strong roots in MEB features".


MariaElena has been on Second Life since June 2007,after friends encouraged her to give it a try. She says what strikes her as different in SL (than other online games) is the ability to create and smiles that you can make almost everything here and that makes a big difference to her.

When asked what some of the strangest things she has seen in Second life are she laughs "Are you kidding? Is there anything in SL that`s not wierd?" But, she says, the thing that really surprises her is the strength of emotions she has felt here.She says she feels a "joy or satisfaction for a good deal or a well made dress" made either by herself or others and a "sense of true disappointment " when a creation is unsatisfactory. She adds that she would love to invite Miuccia Prada and Giorgio Armani into Second Life- "so they could see 
how  they have influenced SL fashion in general and my own style in particular."

And what about her spare time? She repeats that MEB is her Second Life, but that her friends, especially MEB`s CEO Melusina Parkin, often take her out to beautiful places and dancing. And you certainly get the sense that her white Bichon , named Smile, is a clear love of hers and according to her is "the real MEB boss".

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