"Beautiful Idiots and Brilliant Lunatics"?

   I was looking through some of my old pictures of events in The London Sims and it got me thinking about whether society in Second Life is that different to real life London.

     DJs......                                                                                            ....and Hosts at Club 2012, in Hyde

   Then,I wondered if London people change  or if its just the technology around them. I think these quotes from Oscar Wilde could be just as easily applied to London nowadays - and maybe to Second Life London?

"I love London society! I think it has immensely improved. It is entirely composed now of beautiful idiots and brilliant lunatics. Just what Society should be".
(Oscar Wilde (1854-1900),

 (Please Note -if you see a pic of yourself it is better for self-esteem to apply the brilliant lunatic tag than the beautiful idiot-as I  have done, mentally, for my own avatar`s picture-above right)

"Thirty-five is a very attractive age. London society is full of women of the very highest birth who have, of their own free choice, remained thirty-five for years." Oscar Wilde

(Note:-for modern times, and for Second life, substitute twenty-five for thirty- five!)

 And if you are considering Second Life and have never been on - don`t forget  to bear in mind these quotes - along with making sure that  Hyde Park and the other London Sims attractions  are your first port of call !

Lewis Carroll

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".
Arthur C. Clarke (1917 - ), "Profiles of The Future", 1961

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