Advantages of Second Life London over Real Life

Here are the top eight reasons why we think Second Life London beats it`s equivalent in Real Life.

1- Affordability
       In Second Life you can pick up a pad on Regents Street or Savile Row or a Serpentine boathouse for a mere three hundred and ninety-nine Linden dollars (Aprox £1.43) a week,or pick your avatar up an exquisite designer frock for just a few pounds. So, you can savour the spirit of London for a fraction of the real life price. And you don`t need to eat -so that`s a money saver too. Also, teleporting saves a fortune on bus, tube and taxi fares!

2- Accesibility
         Not only can you have quick access to whatever parts of London you want to at the click of a button, from your own living room, but you can also go into places that are restricted areas in real life -for example go and visit Big Ben - the bell at the top of the famous clock tower.

3- Photography
        You can take pictures sitting on top of what ever building you like for free and using various pre-designed poses. Also taking pics of yourself has never been so easy!

4- Competitions
      Where else do you get paid for going on a night out partying? You can make hundreds of Linden dollars profit by entering our "Best in .." competitions and bringing all your friends along to vote for you.

Club 2012 in Hyde Park
5-Sex -Appeal
       Not only can you make your avatar into the sexiest IT girl or guy ,but you stand a good chance of being chatted up by -and maybe even pulling- your pick of the most beautiful  people you ever saw!

6- Sillyability (yes i know I`m making up words now!)
     Basically, any silly character or animal you could want to be will probably be available as an avatar on Second Life and if you feel like bouncing around on a pogo stick through Hyde Park or flying on a hover board, go right ahead and no-one will bat an eyelid.

 Which brings me neatly onto my next point....

7- Flyability
    Ever dreamt that you could fly? Well your avatar can in Second life, and you can get a birds- eye view of London. Don`t you ever wish that if someone annoys you in real life you could just fly away? You have that option in our London.

8- Meeting People -without feeling shy or being judged by Class Appearance Sexuality or Race
    You can meet and chat to people from all over the world in relaxed and friendly environments, like Hyde Parks Welcome hub, in either typed local chat or on voice (if you feel that bit braver.) It costs nothing to come to the London Sims and have a chat and after all that`s what life should be all about. In Second Life everyone is equal and you get to be the real you without societies prejudice or your own insecurities. YAY!

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