Sunday and Bank holiday Monday in Carnival London

        The Carnival spirit continued  in abundance for the rest of the Bank holiday weekend in the London sims. Besides the funfair,which was enjoyed by all, there was another parade through the streets by the floats for those who had missed it the first time - or those who had had so much fun that they wanted to do it all over again.

Sunday night brought the "Last man standing "competition at Club 2012, in Hyde Park. Along with the 1K prize money on the board there was the chance for one lucky avatar to win 1000 Linden Dollars all for themselves by being the "Last man standing" at the event. The competition was taken very seriously and went on for over 8 hours.there was a draw declared at 6am (British time) as the remaining 2 contestants looked to be partying into next week!

And Monday night was a double whammy as we had the Britney Spears tribute followed by an impromtu  set by DJ Caz in the Hyde Park Welcome area before her main set at 2012. People stayed until late again -obviously getting as much partying as they could out of the British Bank holiday weekend!

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