London Celebrates the 2012 Games!

London in Second Life does everything virtually.We are also celebrating the 2012 Games both in the real world and virtually with our friends and falilies online as well as in the real world.

Celebrating the London 2012 Olympic Games is part of the online community commitment to bringong us together to enjoy a festive occasion. Sometimes, where we are not ableto get together physically, it's just wonderful to connect through a virtual world such as Second Life and experience things such as the 2012 Games together.

As a registered IOC London 2012 Local Leader, parties and fun events are being held to celebrate the games in the virtual world of Second Life. The parties will go on throughout the Opening Ceremony, where we hope those who can't attend in the real world will also be tuned into their TV while sharing the sense of wonder and fulfilment that the games brings to them.

Here we are sharing our excitement with our friends and family online, something we will be continuing to do throughout the weeks ahead as we celebrate with events like:
  • Lining streets for the Torch Relay
  • Opening Ceremony Night In 'online'
  • Trying Our Hand At Virtual Sports and Games
  • Sports Quizzes
  • Super Saturday celebrations
  • Design a virtual Olympic inspired Garden
  • Closing Ceremony parties
  • Live streaming from the Olympic village
... and many more parties and fun activities

In real life, The Goat Tavern is where we hang out. We invite you and your friends and family to drop in to send a message home or to anyone you want to. Or simply drop in and say 'Hi', sharing your experiences with us. We share your messages virtually, through Second Life and other Social Media.

So if you are in London and want to send a message across the world, drop by and ask for Julius Sowu.

Please join us to celebrate this joyus occasion online - and also in the real world too!
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