Join London inSL to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Gamess

Our online community of London inSL is celebrating this occasion in its own typical style – online. 

This week we will be lining the virtual streets with celebratory parties to celebrate the 2012 London Olympic Torch Relay as it makes its final journey to London.

As a Local Leader for Virtual London, Debs Butler (Debs Regent inSL) is proud to introduce this two week long marathon of activities and fun to celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Join us in this celebration:

We start the events with an Opening Night In On Friday 27th July.

We invite you to Our 'Opening Night In' where we will enjoy a marathon night of fun, dancing and competitions with our friends online at our virtual party in the park.We always love to see new faces and you can be sure to be greeted with a friendly welcome when you come.

Our popular DJs will be playing all the way from 8am(British Time 4pm) to 5pm SLT (British Time 1am).

We have taken suggestions from the London 2012 Local Leader program and have applied them to events in the virtual world of Second Life.

How about a virtual garden building competition? Join in sports quizzes? Attend street parties? Thake part in virtual sporting competitions? And line the streets of virtual London to celebrate the 2012 Games.

As a leader of this community of over 30,000 members since 2006, I have been inspired to see their enthusiasm for all things ‘London’. The Games are a wonderful opportunity to show how patriotic this community is. The London 2012 Games is an exciting opportunity to enjoy an international celebration with our international community, yet as we are physically based in London as a company, it is also way to celebrate the achievements of our own home town.

London in Second Life currently comprises 4 regions, each with its own character based on a specific area of London: Knightsbridge, Kensington, Mayfair and Hyde Park / Bayswater. Our community doorstep is international, yet also local. More fun will be based in Kensington at the Goat Tavern. A centre of activity and also a virtual link back to your family and friends at home as well as through the virtual world of Second Life.

2012 - time for FUN GAMES and EXCITEMENT


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