Hello London, hello world....

Hello Team London and everyone else out there in the big world. I'm just popping by to say hi and tell you who I am. Why?...well, the case is this... I had a nice and long chat with Debs Regent and Inception UK this evening and I was and am honored to say yes to be the new Marketing Director for the London Sims Theatre..
Anitha Astermann (me)
But who is this woman, might you think... Not much to say really, but anyway..:

Name: Anitha Astermann
From: Norway

Hobbies: yes, many and you see two of them behind me on the picture :-)
Work: I have been Manager for a few places in SL and now I am The London sims new Marketing Director for the Regency Theatre.
Some will say that I am a quiet woman, at least on parties where I usually just listening to the music and not much more than that. They got that right I believe :-)
Guess you will see me more around in London from now on, if not....well, I am only a call away usually
Will do my best to do a good job and looking forward to see you all at The London Sims :-)
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