London Exploration: Horseback, flying!?!?

by Ascheb Vaughan, of  Ascheb Designs in Sloane Street Knightsbridge

I decided it was time for me to check out London for real. I rent a gallery here called, Ascheb Designs, because when I first arrived in London I felt at home here and knew this would be the home of my first gallery! The people here are amazing and sweet and just buttery delicious.

Debs Regent manages the sim like a gem and is super helpful the moment you arrive, she became an instant bestie. And the entertainment crew is the BEST! Especially Venomousviolet who own Violet's Venom! My new sister from another mister. And of course Crofty Atolia who manages a couple of the clubs on London and is a kick ass DJ!

So here I was knowing that the people rocked but having only seen a tiny corner of London where I rent my shop, so I decided it was time to explore. So I made my way toward the Hub of London. Along the way I found the entrance to Hyde Park.

If you set your sun to midnight the park takes on a new romantic and almost solitary feeling. I was already enjoying my "walk in the park" when I suddenly happened upon a saddle!? That was weird! Whatever do I do with this saddle.

So I right clicked it and selected RIDE! next thing I know I have a horse in my inventory!! Once you wear the horse your off! OH MY GOSH! I found a horse!!! Not only is it a horse but two people can ride this horse which makes this place ideal for the perfect date!

I am a very curious person so right away I was clicking the horse to see if it had options. I was amazed to see that it had many. I could make the blanket of the saddle a new color, or change my gallop speed. I almost squeeled when I saw that I could give my horse wings! I clicked "wings" and the next thing I knew I was high above London floating in the stars thinking about how one event can take you to another event that transforms your expectations of things and sparks a sense of adventure.

I can't wait to see what else I find.

For Horse Riding in Hyde Park go here:
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