As the SL9B, or Second Life 9th Birthday, slowly creeps towards its end we thought it would be a good idea to let you know The London Community Sims has its own exhibition there.

This years birthday celebrations was themed on 'Community' which made it the ideal showcase for The London Community Simms and our fantastic community of RL & SL personalities.

2012, a year where All eyes are on London over the next few months, with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in June and the Olympic Games in July and August. The London Community Sims began their celebrations with a RL meeting in kensington on 16th June and the SL9B celebrations began on the 18th June, with the opening of our display at SL9B.

Meanwhile, back in SL london anyone is welcome to follow us through the streets of our extraordinary city with our insiders’ guide to the world’s most cosmopolitan metropolis.

The London Community Sims continues to grow and continues to gather more followers as people join our community in the 'true' London spirit.

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