VE Day Celebrations

You may recall from your history books that many years ago a man called Hitler ran the Third Reich. This man was responsible for genocide on a horrific scale, exterminating Jews, Poles and many other nationalities that did not conform to his Uber-race ideal.

One nationality that was not going to tolerate this intolerance was Britain. It formed allegiances with many other nations to block the terror perpetrated by Hitler. This has gone down in history as World War 2. The end of this mighty and terrible battle, fought on many fronts is now celebrated in VE Day (Standing for Victory in Europe) and each year we commemorate 8 May 1945.

In the London sims, we choose to celebrate this day alongside our permanent memorial to the fallen of all battles and all nations, as a reminder of the loss such wars inflict on nations, communities and families in the hope that one day conflict can be resolved in a heroic way that means no bloodshed.

Thanks to the World War enactment team of NexGen and the WW2 sims, which includes Jessii2009 Warrhol and Guarocuya Giano, we were able to do a fly over of a Lancaster bomber made by Karl Riesman and a spitfire escort made by NexGen to commemorate this event.

Along with this we held parties in Hyde Park to commemorate the celebratory feeling in London at that time! The Park was packed with people celebrating the end to the tyrannies and destruction of the families.

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