Nexgen Aviation Sponsorship and Raffle!

This upcoming week, Nexgen Aviation, an aircraft brand in Second Life, will sponsor Coach & Horses, Retrograde, and the new romantic venue, Valentines! You can enter to win the 1000L's Nexgen Aviation raffle, where a lucky winner will win 1000L's next Friday! Nexgen Aviation is also part of the Flying Tigers' sims in Second Life, a WW2 and modern military roleplay group! You can visit Nexgen Aviation in two convienent London Sim's locations and on the Second Life Marketplace:

Nexgen Aviation on Brompton Road, Knightsbridge:

Nexgen Aviation near the Tower Hill Memorial, Knightsbridge:

Nexgen Aviation on the Second Life Marketplace:

You can learn more about the Flying Tigers in Second Life, by visiting their official website:

To enter the raffle, use the slurl below:
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