Valentine's Rooftop Lounge and Ballroom

New to London, a stunningly romantic venue to take somebody you want to get close to. Subtle lighting and ambient music, which is both soft and subtle. Valentines' is a good way to get to know somebody on a date and be intimate with them through the sexy romantic dances. It is also the perfect place to celebrate a special intimate moment with someone you care about.

While there, explore the Spanish Garden, where the romantic moorish fountains and starlit sky will create the right atmosphere for that perfect proposal.

Also see the  Tudor Garden, which is covered in wisteria and contains plenty of intimate nooks and crannies to share that private moment with a special someone.

In front of the Ballroom is the English Woodland, with a babbling brook to sit besides, an apple tree to sit under, by a crackling fire and a romantic bridge to look into the stars from.
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