Retrograde is Editors Pick in Destination Guide

We are proud to announce that RetroGrade made it to the Editors Picks !!!!
We know we have a great club - but are thrilled that Linden Lab acknowledge it too.. Thank you Linden Lab!

As you all know, RetroGrade is run by the amazing Crofty, who with the assistance of Donna has made it onto one of the most popular clubs in Second Life.

Editors picks are a celebrated badge of excellence in Second Life and to get onto it is praise itself. London is very proud to have this club chosen to represent it in the Editors' Picks.

RetroGrade has done many things over the years.. it has rasied money for charity, had roadshows in the park on Saturdays and event had a sim full of bunnies in pyjamas!! Most of all it's known for it's classic Retro and 80's sounds, as well as the fun you have with people there and the Hosts and DJs. RetroGrade is fun.. it's great to see that the Linden Lab editor also loves it too !!

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