Merchant Spotlight on Pamela Galli of LA GALLERIA

While at the Home Expo in Hyde Park, I saw La Galleria's stand and wanted to ask Pamela Galli, owner of La Galleria a few questions about her and her business.

About Your Business

1.  What inspired you to start your business?

I had replaced everything in my little house with things I had made, so one day I decided to set everything for sale. That's when my house became my store.

2.  Tell us about your business, what were your aims and goals in Second Life, for 
your business?

It is a constant challenge to keep my merchandise technologically and artistically updated. I am in the process now of making new mesh furnishings and homes.

3.  How long have you owned your business in Second Life ?

4 years

4.  What are your future plans for your business?  Any exciting or new products 
launching soon? 

My first mesh home will be finished in the next couple of weeks -- a pretty English cottage.

About You

1.  How long have you been in Second Life?

4.5 years

2.  What made you first join Second Life?

I read about it online.

3.  What are some of the strangest things you have experienced or seen in Second Life? 

Just all the bizarre ways SL can break things.

4.  Other than owning a business in Second Life, what are some other things you do while you are in Second Life?

I chat with customers and colleagues, and that's about it.

5.  If you could invite anyone from RL into SL, who would it be?

Oh I have already invited everyone I know!
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