3 Years in Second Life!

Yesterday was my Rezz Day and I celebrated 3 years in Second Life! While I am no longer running the day to day operations of London, London has and will always be a special part of my Second Life Experience!

In the London Mayfair sim, I leased my very first home in Second Life ever, this home still exists and looks very much the same:

I also learned what was then called a SL Gateway, by visiting Hyde Park.  Hyde Park is also where I saw my first freebies and learned how to fly ironically!

One thing I noticed about London, was the many clubs and community and this inspired me to go into the SL club business! London still has many clubs, such as Retrograde:

London is also where I saw my first furry and he was a fox named Rob, who is a London Sim Manager and one of my best friends in SL:

Of course London would not be London without sim owner Debs Regent, who has also become one of my besties in SL! Without Debs, I would not be writing this post and reflecting on my time in London!

Yesterday many of my London and non London friends celebrated my 3 years in SL with 8 hours of events and partying! Thanks to everyone who has supported me the past 3 years in SL, all of you have made my SL a much happier and great place to be in!

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