Crofty takes you through a TIME TUNNEL  TODAY

Make sure you check out the Relay For Life Fundraiser from Retrograde in the park. It will be heaps of fun and lots of prizes too. Join Crofty with his usual wit and charm while he takes you back, way back, way way back through time in music.

From 7am SLT (2pm UK time) you will travel back in time and go through a musical time tunnel from the 50's to the present day ....

Crofty is starting this music festival in the 50's and with the very first uk #1 and ending up with the current #1.

In this 6 hour long festival, you will hear all the #1 hits made during each year. Each hour is a different decade so you will listen songs from Dean Martin, Eddie Fisher and Frank Sinatra to Kelly Clarkson, Adele and Gotye.

Make sure you join in this wonderful event, taking place in London England UK and while here, donate generously to a good cause, Relay For Life.

The extravaganza ends in the 21st century at just before 2pm with today's #1. Make sure you can get here to enjoy this massive event today.
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