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About Rob Fenwitch

I believe it is high time that we had a chat to Rob Fenwitch, the shy fox who you often see around London and especially in the park. He is so shy that I only got one sentence answers out of him when I asked him about himself, so I will elaborate on them myself.

Rob has been in London for 3 years now. He has held various roles here and pretty much knows it all. I have come to rely on him for a whole lot and want to say that I am eternally grateful to him for being here and often offering a shoulder for me to lean on.

Rob has learned everything, from scripting to taking care of residents here (although I am not sure I have ever seen him DJ). If you need a hand, and Rob is around, he is always the first to offer help, whether it be a short script or help in more troubling matters, such as being hassled by griefers.

About you in London
How long have you been in Second Life / with the London team?

"Rezzed May 2009 with London Team since July 2009"

Rob has been working in London on so many things. His early second life was spent in London Mayfair, where he became instrumental in its huge success.

How did you start on the team?

"Offered a job as Mayfair Gardener by Torric"

Many people may not know that Torric Rodas and Billy Arentire, who went on to flatter us by copying London, started their Second Lives in the original London community, where they learned all their skills. Rob was taken on 3 years ago and pretty much taught himself all the skills needed to be a great Estate Manager.

What roles have you had in London and which do you like best?

"Mayfair Gardener"
"Mayfair Sales Support"
"Mayfair & Westminster Sales Support"
"Manager of the Green Man"
"Kensington SIM Manager"
"Infrastructure Manager"
"General Manager"
"Estate Sales Support"

- WOW that IS a long list, as I said, Rob has done pretty much everything here in London inSL. Hats off to Rob, I think he knows muck more than anyone else (including me) about London.

Getting To Know You

Do you often get asked why did you choose a red fox as an avatar?

"Not very often now. Most new residents seem to think I am a cat or some sort of bot."

Rob's 'foxy' avatar has always been a source of curiosity and I often get asked 'who's the fox'. More recently, as people have got to know him as part of the London scene, he is recognised as well as our infamous Reent Parx. When he is not around, people ask 'where is Rob'?

How is Rob the Fox like you in Real Life?

"Rob is a lot cooler and more sociable than me."

I beg to differ here. What we are in Second Life is usually what we are in real life too. This shy fox is perhaps the alter ego of a great guy in real life.

When not working, what is your favourite thing to do in SL?

"You can NOT work in SL?"

Rob is always busy, if he isn't repairing someone;s door, he's helping out with putting up a ski lift or some other gadget. When not working in London, he is developing products for his shop, Fenwitch & Co.

What hangouts do you prefer to spend time in?

"I hardly ever hangout now."

I think we need to get Rob out a bit more.

Do you have a home, and if so, please can you tell me something about it?

"I have a house in Mayfair and two Lighthouses on a SIM I co-own"

It's great to have Rob in London as part of the community. His sim creation is lovely and very different. I have seen Rob's lighthouse. He built it himself and it is a very impressive creation. It includes a drop down staircase and light. 

Do you build or create in Second Life (outside of working for London)? If so, can you tell us about what you make and sell?

"I have a small chain of shops that sell gadgets that I've made. Mainly mailboxes, balloon poofers, weathervanes and smoke."

Visit Rob's Fenwitch & Co shop in Kensington. He has a great assortment of gadgets which all work very well.

Thank you Rob. I look forward to sharing your answers with the readers of the blog.

It was lovely to get the opportunity to interview Rob so that we can all get to know him a little better. If you see a red fox in London, make sure to tip your hat and say 'Hi Rob'.

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