NIGHT OF LEGENDS – Opening of Philly’s Bar

Last night at Philly’s Bar will be one that people talk about for years to come, starting their sentences with the words ‘do you remember when...‘. It was nothing less than a ‘Night of Legends’, both the audience and performers. I felt like I was in a Second Life ‘Hall of Fame.’

The audience consisted of famous Second Lifers that have their images plastered all over as icons of virtual worlds, many who entered Second Life in 2004 or before. Some still in Second Life, and some who apparently left – that is, until Last Night!

That was when Phill Plasma (Philly) did us all proud. His typical humour and style along with being able to do the swan dance (look serene above while peddling like mad beneath the water) was brilliant.

The legends watched, listened and partied- while the legends played:
We kicked off with London legend DJ Mia Deluca, who got us all going and warmed up. Mia’s choice of music was perfect for the opener of such a classic establishment. It was a shame that Crofty could not be there as he was also DJing in the park.

After Mia – it was all ‘Three Lions’….
DJ Arti Yamabushi followed and we are just getting on the dance HUDs when the Internet Gremlin chewed through his wires and we were left soundless.

We heard a voice.. ‘is this Arti’s voice?’ someone said.

No – it was Jacomo Beltran. He stepped in to fill Arti’s space and gave us a great set of sounds that really got the floor moving. He wooed us with that wonderful German voice (I have a thing for German men anyway) and played the sounds that got us alive on the floor.

DJ Kendra Fallon then took us back with her classic sounds, slightly on the edge with Kate Bush. I remember hearing The Wombats, Let's Dance To Joy Division and Heartbeat by Scouting For Girls.

With all this, Kendra got us ready for Thumper Boucher’s live session on stage which proved itself to be truly electric. Thumper came ‘on’ - and Kitty’s knickers came ‘off’!

Thumper blew us away with his voice and music, starting with his own great version of Cee Lo Green’s ‘F**k You’. His great voice and inspired guitar playing just made a good night get even better for us all. We were in Legend heaven.

Just when we thought it couldn’t carry on and Thumper had to leave to do a live gig in real life, Mike Mission came to the rescue.

He was unashamed and dived straight into the 60’s with pure gusto! Remember ‘Chas n Dave’? Or the obscure Ivor Cutler... he played it. The miracle man made it work too. It was total brilliance!!!
Mike was on a Mission (excuse the pun)... a ‘marathon mission’. He played and played classic awesomeness from 2pm SLT to 8pm SLT (Which for us Brits is 10pm til 4am).

After Mike finally conceded at 4am UK time after showing everyone the professional he truly is, Dazy took over.

DJ Dazy continued the morning through for the US people who were still partying after 10 hours, after the Euros had mostly faded out. She came over to say ‘Hi’ and ended up on the billing. You may remember her as Bailey Dazey... yes’ that’s right ‘another’ SL legend playing at Philly’s Bar.

Philly’s Bar is only one day old now. I stand here looking down the street into Philly’s bar, which is being used as a hangout and I see... Suzette Teardrop, Phill Plasma, Raggi Ragu, Jeremy Jorda, Bianca Mastroianni, Mel Cheeky, Wata Quandry and Prad Prathivi just ‘hanging out’ there. It’s already a cult location. 

All I can say to end this post is... Today we have Mel Cheeky performing live at 8am SLT. There are Legends upon Legends in Philly’s Bar. This is the bar that stands on the shoulders of giants and I want to thank those giants for playing here. Thank you in your awesomeness!!

Three Lions - not reborn, but evolved.

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