Nexgen Expo Video

Once again it was a delight to welcome Jessii2009 Warrhol back to London.

As Nexgen executive, she is running their Expo week in Hyde Park from 12th - 16th March. This fabulous event showcases the stunningly crafted Nexgen planes, creations by Guarocuya Giano, in Hyde Park.

This will be a fun-filled week of partying and events, where one thing is for sure - the theme is World War 2 and it's planes.

Monday already kicked off with a packed out party of 100 people with DJ Anakin. People were getting 'sorry, region is full' messages as they tried to teleport into the party. DJ Anakin played popular dance and top hit tunes while we all partied with him.

Here is a short video of the first days partying.

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