Find the Pot Of Gold on St Patrick's Day .. February 17th

Find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in London on St Patrick’s Day. 

Starts 12 NOON SLT (Pacific) - UK 7pm

You will find Pots of Gold around the London sims, all left by the Irish Leprechauns eager to get home to Ireland for St Patrick's Day. Each will have something of value in it. This may be money or a gift. Try going into the shops here, where Leprechauns may have left a pot for you to dive into. We have fifty pots and each pot contains something of value hidden away in London in Second Life.

If you are lucky - you may find the pot containing a Leprechaun who lost his way. He can be redeemed for $1000 Lindens cash or you can keep him as a trophy.

Come to London for the best fun in Second Life on St Patrick's Day:

Join London's Irish party and parade to earn part of the L$4000 giveaway. Ride the rainbow to the top of Big Ben and win L$1000 if you have the best costume. Find the lucky leprechaun for the big prize!

Hunt around, and don't forget to ride the rainbow to the top of Big Ben... you never know what you may find there?

Join our St Patrick's Day Parade at 12 Noon SLT and watch our schedule for the St Patrick's Day parties in the park.... lots of things to do with the added bonus of cash prizes !!!!

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