While Walking Round London... Mayhem

While walking around in Mayfair, I came across the London Mayhem, in Piccadilly it is situated beneath the world famous Piccadilly advertising sign.
Under new management, this friendly club is run by Pyp Mifflin, and offers a selection of DJs and hosts throughout the week with a daily contest, and L$'s on the board.
   Inside is a spiral staircase, which leads onto the roof. Once on the roof, one is greeted by a rather pleasant beer garden/retreat, away from the hustle and bustle of London daily life.
 Step inside this friendly venue, which specialises in rock music, both past AND present, meet the friendly staff and join in the fun, maybe win some Lindens along the way.
 London Mayhem is open every day except monday from 3pm SLT (11pm UK) with a double event on a sunday starting at 1pm SLT (9pm UK).
Nearby are a wide selction of shops to buy choice outfits to make Mayhem and London your perfect party location

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