Spotlight: Look's Nook Jewelery Store in Virtual Mayfair Savile Row

Look's Nook is a Jewelery store located in London' Mayfair. The jewellery you can get there has been skillfully created by Look Stoop. 

We interviewed Look Stop to ask him about his store and himself. This is what we found out..

About Look's Nook...

What made you want to become a creator?
I love to Build and see people enjoy my items.

Why did you choose these products to create?
I love fashion with a passion so I thought jewelery is part of that.

What do you consider to be your best product and why?  
Hmmm now, that is a hard one but I guess the one  I'm most proud of is my Peacock Mouthy it looks stunning.

Why did you choose London to set up a store in?
Well I live in the UK in Real Life and there isn't a Liverpool in Second Life anymore, so London was the next best thing.

What do you like best about London?
I love the community, the rent is fair and the people are great.

About Look Stop...

What made you come to Second Life?
I read an article in the Guardian, which is a newspaper in the UK, it was interesting so I had to check it out.

Where did you land initially and what was your initial experience like?
I landed in the welcome area and found it quite scary at first.

Tell be a bit about your life, family and friends in Second Life?
Well I have a wife and 5 children I was married about a year ago I started off earning money in SL by holding  horse auctions but that wasn't the greatest thing.

Do you disclose your real life ? If so, would you tell us a little about your real life interests?
I'm a buddhist and bee keeper and just enjoy life.

Do you think that your real life inspires your creations in Second Life and would you like to go into more detail about your creations?
Oh yes, if I see something I like I would go and make my own creation based on it. At the moment Vogue magazine is big on giant pearls so that's what I am looking at creating.

Thank you Look for letting us find out a bit more about you and your store.
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