I joined Second life in April 2009,I landed in the middle of Hyde Park wearing an explorer skin a deflated parachute and a green helmet, I looked around, could not believe to my eyes! Everyone dressed like pop stars, so trendy showing a certain confidence with SL and me looking like a "weirdo"! So, my very first question on local chat was: "Hello.. how can I get rid of this toddling walk? How can i change my look?"

Someone sent me a couple of freebie landmarks, told me to go there, to buy new clothes and to learn how to use second life viewer. Easy to say! But how?!! I clicked here, there and everywhere trying to figure it out. I have been stubborn, never liked to give in and day after day, I got used to it and everything looked simple. I came across nice people in London Hyde park, and a friendly Greeter who patiently answered to my questions.

Basically, the main reason I decided to Join London Team and to become an helper is to offer my assistance to new residents and everyone who feels lost and confused same way I felt the early days. I chose to give out an hand and to share my experiences. People run into problems and don't- know-how every day; new residents, old residents. I encourage them to learn same way I do! Joining London Community helped me socializing, improving English and pc knowledge. It opened up a window overlooking the world. Thanks to London I approached to the graphic programs understanding, I found out some new skills and hobbies I couldn't even think about, and is great to encourage the others to follow!

Without any help, people may give up and miss the amazing experience of life and fun offered by London sims. They need hints, support and moreover positivity. Some people never been to London in real life, some would like to but can't, then nothing is better than a virtual tour, showing them pubs and stores in Kensington, Mayfair and Knightsbridge, with the parties, the good music streamed by so professional DJs!, the Legendary Big Ben, Hyde Park, Piccadilly, and Westminster. It takes so little to make them happy because the London sims are so well built and so close to London real life, impossible to ignore!

My task is not just guiding and teaching how to dress and change appearance, pretty often I offer assistance about pc settings and answer to questions about log in problems, inventory, accounts, viewers, griefers etc. Kindness, competence and good will are needed to be a good helper and no alt and fake noob has taken the fun and passion I put in helping away from me. Told you I'm stubborn!

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