Dr Who Expo by Novelli Noir

London Expo - Forerunner to 50th Anniversary
Dr Who hits its 50th Anniversary next year

Since its start in 1963, Dr Who has had 11 regenerations of ‘Doctor’s’ - from the first, William Hartnell (who, as a child, I believed be a couture diva and dress the Queen Mother in his spare time) to our well-loved Matt Smith, who is the current ‘Doctor’. 

Dr Who is part of British culture now and throughout the years, the program has thrilled generations. The beloved Time Lord is nameless and we are not even allowed to know his real name, yet we watch his adventures through space and time. Sounds like Second Life Avatars to me?

How appropriate it is then that people in Second Life relate to Dr Who so much, with many of them taking on Dr Who personas. The thriving community of Dr Who fans in Second Life look forward to next year when all the creations created for the anniversary of its birth will appear. 

As a forerunner to next year and a teaser of what’s to come, Pipa Novelli of Novelli Noir has been kind enough to provide us with a Dr Who Expo which showcases Dr Who over the years. It also provides us with a great party area !!

I hope you love the Dr Who Expo as much as I do and that it gives you an appetite for the grander events next year.

Facts About Dr Who

The Doctor’s space/time travel machine, the TARDIS, is oddly disguised as a British police box on the outside due to a malfunction of the ‘chameleon circuit’. 

 Inside the TARDIS is a vast number of rooms and corridors, where the console room taking centre stage. 

 The TARDIS console has changed many times over the years and possesses telepathic circuits which The Doctor prefers not to use, instead he prefers to fly manually.

When ‘The Doctor’ travels, he typically has a companion with who he shares his experiences and usually gets into trouble. The Doctor then has to rescue them. The Doctor’s adversaries have included scary cyborgs like the Daleks, the Cybermen and The Master. 

The Dr Who Expo

The Dr Who Expo in Hyde Park shows you all these things, it contains different rooms and gives you a range of experiences throughout the whole of Dr Who’s 50 years. It includes a reconstructed Dr Who TV studio and various consoles over time. If you explore further afield, you will find a wandering Dalek called Derek.

The Expo stage also houses a Dr Who style club dance floor that reminded me of so many scenes the good Doctor finds himself in. London has been holding its events in this area for the past few weeks. We can thank Pipa Novelli for her fabulous creation for London entertainment and this wonderful Dr Who Expo to celebrate Dr Who’s 50th anniversary next year.

Retrograde has crowds of over 80 people inside the Dr Who Club, it has been a great week of fun with the region being packed out with people enjoying themselves and making new friends. Many visited the Dr Who Expo and were thrilled by that they saw there.

After speaking with Pipa and having a sneak preview of some of the things she has already prepared for next year, I am excited and can’t wait for 2013!

Go and See the Novelli Noir Virtual London Dr Who Expo for yourself today!
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