Designing Worlds Features London

London is the feature of this weeks' program, Designing Worlds. Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Merlin came over to meet their old friend Debs Regent and get to know some of her team in London inside Second Life.

This time, their visit was in virtual London and not the real thing. Watch Saffi and Elrik get to explore the streets and sights of London in Second Life, as they did once before in real life. Join them as they also get to hang out in old haunts previously visited in the real world.

This time, as well as a tourist extravaganza, they took a peek at the immaculately presented home of Terry and Mike Wumpole.

So, now click the play button to come along with them on their their trip around London. Enjoy yourself while you journey with them through their TV program and our London.
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