Spotlight: Maddy Maskelyne Part 3

Today is our third installment of our spotlight of Maddy Maskelyne, Owner of Mocha Visions Photography!  Maddy offers a few SL photography tips and more:

1.    As mentioned previously, you are very interested in photography, are you a photography in real life? 
In real life I am armed with my canon and  abag full of lenses and play with photography  but  purely for my own pleasure.

2.    How did you first discover the London Sims?
 Im a brit guess i just stumbled upon it one day. Through Pro Image Designs I was  contacted by Dizzy Dumpling about the London Sims requiring a photographer.

3.    How can people contact you or book a photography session in SL? Do you have an office or photography studio?  Photography in SL is an interesting concept, any special viewers or software packages a person would need to seriously get started with SL photography?
Mocha Vision is my  private  studio and  most people contact me  directly or through Pro Image Designs, or by various  advertisements throughout SL. I do have  a flicker  site  also for  viewing,

4.    Are there any particular photographers from RL that are your favorites? 
I'm a  big  fan of  black & whites and   love  a few  local artists in my area.

If you are interested in having your photos taken in SL, you can im Maddy in Second Life or you can stop by her office in our Kensington Sim:

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