Special Spotlight: Debs Regent Part 3

Today we wrap up our spotlight, with London Sims Owner, Debs Regent.  In this installment Debs talks about where she likes to hang out in London and gives some tips to other sim owners:

As mentioned previously, you are very interested in London; did you grow up in London in RL?  What are some your favorite London places and landmarks?
I grew up just outside of London, in a small city called St Albans. However i have lived in London since then, in Holland Park. London was always seen by us provincials as the 'big city'. My favorite London places as a child were Piccadilly Circus and the incredible Museums and Art Galleries in London. More recently, I prefer shops and restaurants, like Harrods and Harvey Nichols, as well as strolling down roads such as Piccadilly, Regent Street and Bond Street.

Other than being British, why did you choose London as the city you wanted to replicate in SL?  Why not another famous city?
This is easy really, I didn't want to create a 'city' I wanted to build a hub, where people could congregate and meet, as I had done with my friend in Harvey Nichols in 2006. London was obvious because that was where we met. London inSL was built from love between two dear friends. It is my hope that this sense of love continues within our London in SL.

What are some interesting places in the sims to hang out?  What are some hidden places?
I love to hang out in Big Ben's clock room. You can see everything from there and there is even a hidden room at the very top. If you look around London, you will find hidden places all over. Underground, at the top of buildings, behind solid walls, just like in the real London, there are mysterious hidden places everywhere around you - it is up to you to find them. I wouldn't dream of spoiling anyone's fun (or secret hideout) by divulging them here.

I’m sure you are often asked, how one starts a themed city or general themed sim in SL.  Any advice?
Yes I get asked a lot - and to build it for them too. I tell people the same thing (although I am not sure they believe me or want to believe me). You need very deep pockets, a lot of time and patience and to be prepared to tear down anything that doesn't come up to your standards. Most of all, you need to walk the streets in person and really get to know the area. Without the knowledge of the heartbeat of the region (if it is real) you cannot get the smells, the sounds, and the sense of the place into the theme. For imaginary places, it is similar, you have to create it in your head and pace every centimeter of the place mentally.

Are there any other themed sims you would recommend to people, who are looking for a city experience in SL?
Paris, somehow the French know the above ideas instinctively. It is no mistake that these people are the nation of artists. Also go and take a trip to Dublin. Ham Rambler (John Mahon) has put his heart and soul into Dublin and it has an Irish heartbeat. You cannot say you have visited Second Life without taking a trip to Dublin.

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