Spotlight: Bad Ampitude Part 3

Below you will find our third and final installment of our interview with Second Life Tribute Band owner, Vampira Voom:

1.  As mentioned previously, you are very interested in rock music, are you in a band or played professional in real life? 
Not at all tho when extremely drunk i like to think i can sing really well, i found this is untrue after singing live to an SL audience.

2.  How did you first discover the London Sims? 
Im a brit guess i just stumbled upon it one day.

3.  Tell us about the BAD AMP’s headquarters, if you have one or a place where the band members let their head down.  Are there any interesting things that occur in this location?  Do you have a fan hang out?
  We have a main 'office' come shop which is based next to The Gauntlet Club owned by our chiefy host Seithr, most of us hang out there when not playing in the band

4. How can a person become part of a tribute or regular band in Second Life or join BAD AMP? 
They have to pay me lots of money then be my own personal slave for a year.

5.  Are there any particular bands or rock singers that are your favorites? Which cheerleading band in real life is the ultimate band?  
 H.I.M. the only band that matters closely followed by 69 Eyes

You can also check out Bad Amp on the web:
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