Spotlight: Bad Ampitude Part 1

If you love the tribute band concerts in London, then you will love this three part treat!  Our Tribute Band Concert provider, Bad Ampitude or Bad Amp's owner and found Vampira Voom, agreed to a three part interview. Check out part one of our interesting and funny interview with Vampira:

1.  What inspired you to start Bad Amp? 
Vodka mostly and i wouldnt have to listen to music i dont like (then that changed  with Nickelback)

2.  Tell us about BAD AMP, what were your aims and goals in Second Life when you started the band? 
a lot less than it became, was hoping for maybe 2-3 concerts per week, never in a million years would have imagined an average of 10 per week.  proves we are doing something right or everyone else is as crazy as we are

3.  How long have you owned BAD AMP in Second Life? 
almost 4 years SL jail would have been less

4.  We are thrilled to have BAD AMP come to London the past year and the upcoming!  What about London that interested you to return so many times? 
Jessii forces me, literally physically forces me also she tempts me with yummy candy treats so i just have to keep coming back

5.  What are your future plans for BAD AMP?  Any new and exciting things on the horizon?
 I would love to go back to the reason we started, to bring euro bands that the rest of the world doesnt know about, there are some damn good bands out there that need to be heard.

Check the blog tomorrow for part 2 of our interview with Vampira, where she discusses things about her Second Life experience.  You can also check out Bad Amp on the web:

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