SLCS Spotlight-Kristy Curtau Part 2

 SLCS's Kristy Curtau returned to answer a few more questions about the SLCS:

1.  As mentioned previously, you are very interested in cheerleading, have you cheered in real life? Nooooo, way to clumsy. lol

2.  How did you first discover the London Sims?
Jessii won a contest and first prize was a free show by the SLCS. We performed at another club she owned at the time. She invited us to come to London to perform and we fell in love with the place. It is really a great sim and the people there are a blast. 

3.  Tell us about the SLCS sim.  What are some interesting things for people to do when they visit?
 I have to say the best part of the sim are my SLCS sisters. They will always helpful and will make you feel welcome.  The stadium itself is pretty impressive. It is a full size replica of an NFL football stadium. I am a bit biased but I think it is the best stadium in SL. We also have equipment on the field that we use to help with things like balance and landing. The trampoline is a lot of fun. Anyone it allowed to use this equipment. We also have a club with parties every Friday night, a game room,  as well as concerts and events through out the month. Our Relay for Life fundays each month have become somewhat legendary. lol. Lots of stores to visit and shop at too. You can visit the  tropical island below the stadium, and surf or rez a boat,  hang out on the pontoon on the lake, or just sunbath or play horseshoes on the beach.  There is almost always someone around to just chat with. 
4. How can a person become a cheerleader in Second Life or join the SLCS? Very easy! 
Just send an NC to me, Kristina Curtau and I can get them set up. They can also go to the stadium and sign up at the board in the lobby. 
5.  Are there any particular cheerleaders from a certain sport you prefer?  Which cheerleading squad in real is the ultimate cheerleading squad? 

Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. They are the mold. 

Tomorrow we will have the complete three part series of our special interview with SLCS Owner, Christi Charron!

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