SL Norway Presents a Christmas Tree to London!

Today SL Norway presented a Christmas Tree to the London sims, a real life tradition that is held each year in Second Life!.  Ey Ren, owner of SL Norway made the following speech today:

Christmas is about traditions, and this is in fact the fourth year in a row that Second Norway present a tree to The London Sims. This is a parallell of the tradition that has been going on since 1947. As a token of the close relations between Norway and the UK, Oslo has been giving a tree to be set up on Trafalgar Square for all these years. 

And although World War II has been a major reason for those close bonds, I would like to focus a bit on what binds us togheter today. Probably, to some extent what bound us together in the Viking era... We have the best boats, you have the prettiest women. But I guess that I have to moderate that, or else I will have to seek asylum here in London.

I find Norsemen and Brits to be a bit of the same type of people. When others say "European Union", we all say bla-bla-bla. We really *would* like to drive on the other side of the road in Norway. And we do! Just with less luck than you people.

When I present this tree to you, it is with true gratitude. You Brits have given us so much, not just us Norwegians, but what haven't you given the world? The Cooper Minis, or Mini Morris as we call them. Rowan Atkinson. The Premier League. The world would have been a lesser place, had it not been for our fellows out here in the North sea.

And, being a notorious cynic, I hate to admit this.... You make the damned best feelgood movies in the world. As christmas draws near, I have to pull out the Love Actually DVD and see it. It's like a sore tooth you just can't stop touching. 

Anyway, new this year is that we have taken a further step to make the relations between Second Norway and London closer. As we have established an embassy in London Mayfair. So, for a heap of L$, your passports will be awaiting you. 

As I guessed Hyde Park does not need much contribution to lag, I have chosen a simple low-prim tree this year as well. And it is not very unlike the one coming up in Trafalgar Square these days. So by saying a big "thank you for everything", I'll try to get some lights on this thing. Thank you for coming, folks, and a merry yuletide to you all!

After the speech, yours truly made the following speech to thank SL Norway:

On behalf of London, I would like to thank Second Norway for bringing us this tree again this year.  It is always a lovely gesture and we value and are greatful for this tree.  If you do not know this is also a RL tradition as Ey mentioned.  

This tree is a symbol of what brought two great countries together during a dark period in our lives.  The lights on the tree shine brightly as the friendship of both countries continues to flourish in both real life and second life.  Norway we thought of you as tragedy touched you again this summer and we keep each of the victims in our minds and hearts.

Ey mentioned giving in his speech quite a bit and I want to say that in this world an the next, it is important to give, but to give honestly and with purity.  Continue being our friend and cousin Norway, in both worlds, thank you again for the tree and your friendship.

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Afterwards, SL Norway and London guests were all treated to a Hyde Park party with Capital DJ Anakin and host Donna:

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You can learn more about SL Norway by visiting their website:
or by visiting their newly opened embassy in the London Sims:

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