Merchant Spotlight-Novelli Systems Part 3

Here is our last part to our 3 part series with Novelli Systems Owner, Pipa Novelli. In this part of the interview, Pipa talks about the London Sims and of course Dr. Who:

1.  As mentioned perviously, you are very interested in Dr Who, are you a fan in RL?
Absolutely! - You can keep your soaps and X-Factor
Novelli Systems offers unique Dr. Who items such as this "Tiny Tardis."

2.  How did you first discover the London Sims?
Being from London, I was courious to see what a virtual version of the place would be like, so naturally it was one of the first sims I visited.

3.  Novelli Systems is located in our London Mayfair (Mayfair) sim, what about Mayfair ?
Interested you enough to set up a business?
We just thought that it would be good to have a British Sci Fi company in a very British location.

4. How can a person become part of the large Dr Who Community in Second Life?  Any great ?
Hartnell composite Tardis
roleplaying sims or locations you would recommend?
There's a new one set up called Olyesti but there's also Paradox Island (Lewisonia) if you're into making films etc...  You can film a whole series there as there's scenes ranging from the wild west to an Egyptian pyramid.

5.  Who is your favorite Dr of all time?
That's hard, Tom Baker followed by Patrick Troughton and John Pertwee.

Remember that you can shop at Novelli Systems in our Mayfair Sim, below are photos of Novelli Systems:

You can visit Novelli Systems in Mayfair:
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