Interview with SLCS Owner & Founder, Christi Charron!

This past week we have featured the Second Life Cheerleading Squad or SLCS for short, on our blog.  The squad also returned to London yesterday for 2 hours!  Below we have a special treat, an interview with the SLCS owner and founder, Christi Charron:

1.  What inspired you to start SLCS?
When I first started Second Life I searched for squads to join, and there weren't any that I could find that were actively performing and practicing. So I started one myself!

2.  Tell us about SLCS, what were your aims and goals in Second Life,  when you started the squad?
My main goal in Second Life is to promote cheerleading to those that may not have the time rescources to do so in real life. I really wanted a place where I could enjoy the  sorority of my teammates and satisfy my urge for performing at the same time as well.

3.  How long have you owned SLCS in Second Life?
Four years exactly!!!! Woot!!!

4.  We are thrilled to have SLCS come to London the past year and cheer!  What about London that interested you to cheer so many times this year?
We love the people in London and enjoy performing for it's regulars as well as new visitors which are among the friendliest we have ever met in our four years of existance.

5.  What are your future plans for SLCS?  Any new and exciting things on the horizon?
SLCS never stops improving and that is always our immediate plan, to continue to get better at what we do and never stop progressing technically.  We currently can perform several variations of 18 different stunts formations and pyramids and in the near future that will triple!

About Christi Charron:

1.  How long have you been in Second Life?
4 years and3 months.

2.  What made you first join Second Life?
I was looking for information on  a Playstation 3 free download called "Home" that had not yet been realeased and came across Second Life in a related article.

3.  What are some of the strangest things you have experienced or seen in Second Life? 
I have seen some of the weirdest that Second Life has to offer, and it always fascinates me, but what I find to be the most strange are griefers, their motivation and  intent on making someone's Second Life miserable. I guess they have upset everyone they could in real life and now have to go to a virtual world to  continue their pathetic, selfish ways.

4.  Other than owning a business in Second Life and loving cheerleading, what are some other things you do while you are in Second Life? 
I love shopping, talking with my friends for hours and debating life's meaning with some of my best friends on a daily basis.

5.  If you could invite anyone from RL into SL, who would it be?
My brother, but unfortunately,  he can't even spell "PC".

Just for Fun:

1.  As mentioned previously, you are very interested in cheerleading, have you cheered in real life?
Yes, I have been cheerleading for literally as long as I can remember until I had an unfortunate accident in 2007, which is also part of the reason I started playing Second  Life, due to the confinement I spent during recooperation that is.  I have also helped train two professional football cheerleading squads (one I was raised helping from birth),  and have worked with one professional basketball squad.

2.  How did you first discover the London Sims?
I first learned about the London Sims upon attending our first performance and have been enamored by them ever-since!

3.  Tell us about the SLCS sim.  What are some interesting things for people to do when they visit?
In our sim "Cheertopia", we have what we believe to be the best, most accurately represented professional football stadium in Second Life.  Our stadium bowl is encircled in   amazing stores and in our sims lower-level we have a village and lagoon for people's residents.  SLCS charges the minimum amount for rental prices as it does not profit  from land/store rentals but merely has them to support the existance of the stadium.
SLCS Stadium is a great place to attend one of our training classes or practices as a cheerleader or visitor as well as a wonderful place to have events like our once-monthly "Funday Events" which highlight some of the best vendors around SL based on the event theme and bring their products directly onto the field for us to view while we enjoy the live music and performances that ensue throughout the day.

4. How can a person become a cheerleader in Second Life or join the SLCS?
Nowadays, there are many, many cheerleading squads in Second Life to choose from depending on your preferences.  Most other squads are supporting SL American Football teams that never seem to be doing very well or last very long which is unfortunate. SLCS is not associated directly with any one team and it's major function is to promote other businesses in SL and funnel traffic in their direction, as well as supporting and holding benefeits and performing at charitable events which we do quite frequently.  To join SLCS one must meet many requirements and attend a month's worth of cheerleading classes capped off by a final stage performance and approval panel.

5.  Are there any particular cheerleaders from a certain sport you prefer?  Which cheerleading squad in real is the ultimate cheerleading squad? 
There are currently few, if any teams that can match the professionalism, technical accuracy, variation  and synchronization of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Squad, our internal structure is modeled after DCCS and is tailored to SL.  Beyond DCCS the Saints and the Chargers cheerleading squads are exceptional in the NFL, but I really  enjoy the performances and smaller environment given by professional basketball squads which have a more personal feel to the viewer.

For more info about SLCS:


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